Product Families

Hermetic Components
1- Light Emitting Diodes

A light emitting diode is a solid state lighting (SSL) device that emits light in a specific range of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum (UV, Visible, IR).

2- Hermetic Silicon Photosensors

A photosensor (or photodetector) is a light sensitive component that converts photon energy into an electrical signal. 

High Reliability Transmissive Photointerrupters
A transmissive photointerrupter (or photo-interrupter or optointerrupter) is a type of optoelectronic device that uses a light source and a photodetector to detect the presence or absence of an object. It works by emitting a beam of light from the light source, which is then interrupted by an object passing through the device. The photodetector detects the change in the intensity of the light and sends an electrical signal to indicate the presence of an object.


Molded Products

Semi-Custom and Full Custom Products Capabilities