QSA156, QSA157, QSA158,QSA159

Hermetic Logic Detector

Product type Ee+ (mW/cm2) @880nm max VOL (V) max Reception angle @ half intensity (Deg) Output
QSA156 0.25 0.4 24 Buffer Totem Pole
QSA157 0.25 0.4 24 Inverter Totem Pole
QSA158 0.25 0.4 24 Buffer Open Collector
QSA159 0.25 0.4 24 Inverter Open Collector


  • High noise immunity
  • Direct TTL/LSTTL interface
  • Hermetically sealed package
  • Narrow reception angle
  • RoHS compliant


The QSA15X family are Silicon Logic Detector ICs which feature a Schmitt trigger at the output which provides hysteresis for noise immunity anti pulse shaping. The building block consists of a photodiode, a linear amplifier, voltage regulator, Schmitt trigger and four output options. The TTL/LSTTL compatible output can drive up to ten TTL loads over a supply voltage from 4.5 to 5.5 Volts. The monolithic die is packages in a narrow angle, hermetically sealed, TO-18 metal can package.

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Package Dimensions

QSA156, QSA157, QSA158,QSA159 package dimensions
QSA156, QSA157, QSA158,QSA159 schematic
  1. Dimensions for all drawings are in millimeters.
  2. Tolerance of +/- 0.25 on all non nominal dimensions unless otherwise specified