Surface Mount Infrared AlGaAs LED

Product type IE @ IF =70mA (mW/sr) min VF @ IF =70mA (V) typ Emission angle @ half intensity (Deg) Wavelength (nm)
QEB651 25.0 1.55 30 850


  • Wavelength 850nm
  • High output
  • Emission angle 30°
  • Surface mount miniature package
  • Fast switching
  • RoHS compliant


The QEB651 is a miniature Surface Mount LED incorporating a high efficiency AlGaAs LED Chip encapsulated on a substrate designed to form a gold plated parabolic reflector for maximum projection of on axis photons.

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Package Dimensions

QEB651 package dimensions schematics
  1. Dimensions for all drawings are in millimeters.
  2. Tolerance of +/- 0.10 on all non nominal dimensions unless otherwise specified