Semi-Custom and Full Custom Products Capabilities

Light in Motion is open to design and manufacture custom products to meet the requirements of the customer’s application.

There are two possible levels of customization:

  1. Semi-Custom products: the products are based on a standard product mechanical and optical design to which specific additions are made. For instance:

    1. Adding wires or connectors

    2. Include additional tests in the final test program

  2. Full Custom products: they require a complete new design around a set of technologies that comprise Injection Molding, Printed Circuit Boards, Flex Circuits and Custom chips for either the detectors or the emitters. The products are typically modules :

    1. Specific housings

    2. Multiple set of emitters and detectors

    3. Specific electrical circuitry on PCB or Flex

    4. Connectors

    5. Alternate wavelengths

  3. The development process for Full Custom Products is :

    1. Phase of requirement definition and understanding through communication between the customer and the relevant personnel at Light in Motion. NDAs are established at the beginning of that phase.

    2. Design and Optical modeling (if necessary).

    3. Prototyping. 3D printing is a possible tool for housing prototypes.

    4. Design check in the application. This phase may be iterative.

    5. Settling of the business agreement: quantities, price and NRE (Non Recurring Expenses).

    6. Tooling

    7. Pre-production

    8. Production release